The MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN is an international festival for forward-looking music-dramatic projects. Since its founding in 2014, the festival has successfully established itself as an important extension to the contemporary formats of opera houses, independent production groups and international music festivals in Vienna and Austria, and has positioned itself as a format for new music theater works.

The festival, which takes place in September brings together artistic in-house productions and cooperation projects with national and international partners. The Musiktheatertage Wien is positioning itself as a showcase for new works in the field of contemporary music theater. In addition, the festival has established itself with guest performances by renowned ensembles and networking impulses in the field of international music theater producers.


The term MYTH in combination with CIVILIZATION: not doubting the scientific and technical progress of humanity and its resulting cultural achievements of modern society (Western character) - but doubting the intention and the postulated service for the benefit of humanity. The talk of "freedom, democracy, equality, peace and prosperity for all" as the goal of these civilizing efforts is so much cited that its credibility has already been lost. But if all this is just a huge deception, who initiated it and who is benefiting from it?

The festival theme MYTH CIVILIZATION of the MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN is based on the question of un- or half-truths, which humanity and in particular the western cultural community use to legitimize injustice, exploitation and inequality. Not all festival productions deal with civilization. Some are just uncivilized.

The civilized first, now stepping forward:

In LIES OF CIVILIZATION, the question of successful concepts of self-deception of the western-informed society is portrayed in four new music theater compositions.
The production DE*CIVILIZE ME! questions the human body about its civilizing "impregnations" and the mechanisms of implementing norms and values. The line between soul and instinct is a narrow one.
In UTOPERAN19 - Mütter's Civilization, "somewhere over the rainbow" utopias are spotted, questioned and rejected: Utopias of a better life, indeed!
The production OPERA of TIME is also on the track of MYTH CIVILIZATION as a multimedia music theater. The world's perception of humanity shifts through the digitalization of all areas of life and makes time become the measure of everything.
The addiction prevention opera TRINKERPARK finally reflects our highly civilized cultural and affluent community's double-faced approach to the intoxicant alcohol.
Finally, performative and installative INTERVENTIONS will happen through the whole festival time at the most unusual places of the new festival location WUK Wien. They deal with the brittleness and the self-delusion of the civilization thinking in the "most incidental" way.